Strikingly Review (2022): Fastest Path to Website Design

Read this Strikingly Review to understand not only the “what” behind it but also the “Why”. The “Why” — whether you choose to use Strikingly or anything else (Including WordPress or Shopify) remains the same. 

The Big Why Of Fast Website & Complete Design (from a marketing perspective). 

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” ― Roy T. Bennett

It’s like this: You’d need time and consistent effort (assuming you are doing everything right) to start seeing results: traffic, community, leads, and sales. 

If it takes time, you can’t waste time (the only thing you don’t have much of). 

I’ve always believed that websites shouldn’t have to take too long to build, that you don’t fret or fuss over little things, and that you should focus all of your time and energy on “marketing” websites and not on “designing” them. 

Designing websites is for designers (they make a living out of it). Not you (unless you are a designer or a design agency, of course). 

As a business owner, marketer, or content creator — the whole work of setting up a website and being able to ship it out shouldn’t take more than an hour. That’s also the reason why I wrote the 23+ Nocode Website Builders (also available for you to download

Hopefully, you are convinced? 

Let’s dig into the Strikingly Review now: 

Strikingly has been around for a while, enough to be mentioned on TechCrunch, CrunchBase, and even on USA Today

Most people don’t know this, but Strikingly was one of the first Nocode Mobile-ready Website Builders.

 It continues to be. 

Strikingly is one of the simplest website builders ever. My 7 yr-old niece can create a website (for whatever reason she’d want to) and get give the Wix, SquareSpace, and others a serious run for their money. 

With Strikingly, you can create: 

  • Personal websites (for personal branding)
  • Photography websites (although ___ is a better choice, specifically for this) 
  • Blogs
  • Business websites 
  • eCommerce stores 
  • eCommerce websites for service businesses 
  • Startup websites

… and more. 

According to the co-founder and CEO David Chen, this is where Strikingly compares (and differentiates) with others 

“Strikingly’s main differentiator is also its main value proposition—the ability to start with a single landing page and then easily expand the site’s functionality with e-commerce tools, blogs, mobile apps and other features”

Let’s see how it’s done: 

Strikingly Dashboard (Where it Begins) 

You’d start (and probably spend a lot of time) here in the Strikingly Dashboard. No, it’s not overwhelming like Webflow and it doesn’t take half as much effort as it takes with WordPress. 

Strikingly’s dashboard is refreshingly simple. You won’t be able to miss anything even if you wanted to. 

When I had to set up a website for a friend, I could manage to set up, design, and get the website ready in less than an hour (complete with a booking form, contact form, and social media handles). 

This is how Strikingly dashboard looks like: 

Strikingly Templates [Click to Set Up] 

Strikingly templates are the building blocks for your website design. where you’d start designing. The idea is not for you to tinker around with complicated code or even “drag-and-drop”.

The idea is this: pick and choose, change items as per brand, and go. 

Here’s a sample of Strikingly Templates (there are more, and they’ll add more) 

Strikingly Store [Add products. Sell] 

Strikingly allows you to start selling products, services, or digital downloads right away. No fiddling around.

You don’t have to run and chase plugins (like you have to do for WordPress eCommerce). Nor do you have to spend tons of time (or hire someone) to do it for you as in the case of Wix or Weebly (although they claim it’s easy; it’s not). 

See how the eCommerce options for Strikingly look like: 

  • Choose product type
  • Drop in the details
  • Set your prices (and connect with Stripe or Paypal) 
  • Sell. 

Strikingly Forms [Start building your Audience] 

Building your audience should be your primary focus with your website (not design, not ego-pampering on social media, and no vanity metrics). 

How well you do will depend on those above criteria alone.

Nothing else will do (no matter how many “gurus” want to tell you otherwise or some other nonsense). 

When the data populates in your Site Audience section, you know you are on to something.

With the Site Audience Plan, you have the option of using: 

  • Strikingly forms 
  • Live Chat (or you can also use any of these incredible live chat tools, but you don’t have to)
  • Appointment booking
  • Members (start a membership site), and more. 
  • Import your email list or start a new one. 

7 steps to build websites with Strikingly

With Strikingly, you have options: Create a one-page site. Or create a multi-page site. Create whatever site you want, but the whole point is to do it quickly. 

  • Buy a domain or connect a domain (you can also do this later, when you are ready)
  • Pick a relevant template and make changes (fast) — add logo, change images, add content(or copy), and more. You’ll still be able to use this site on a “Strikingly Domain”.
  • Use premade Strikingly modules (there are lots of them) to  make design changes, add modules, delete modules, and more. 
  • Setup your blog and create your store (add relevant pages apt for these, from the templates). You can also switch templates and change things around with a single click. 
  • If you want to sell products or services, use the “Store” option and set up products. Connect with paypal and Stripe. You are good to go (see more below) 
  • Once you are ready, use the “site audience” tab to start building your audience: Import your existing email list, build a new email list, and more with Strikingly forms. 
  • Go active on social media (create profiles if you did not). If you did, connect them with your new website. 

The rest of the work is all to do with marketing: Blogging, building an email list, building sales funnels, and generating traffic.

Then leads and sales. 

It’s not rocket science. This should be quick and painless.

Get Strikingly for free and try it out. Join the nocode revolution. Transform the way you run your business.

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