Digital Marketing Implementation: Your Grade is F. Back To School

When it comes to digital marketing implementation, your grade is a big F, so we are back to school. We are the biggest stumbling blocks to our own businesses. We tend to nurture the devil in our head. Most of us are so stymied and frozen by the lack of “flipping on the switch” inside … Read more

4 Digital Marketing Roadblocks (& You Are The Biggest One)

It’s the digital marketing roadblocks (the ones you created) that are the biggest problem you have today. After working with several clients from all over the world, I’ve only come to realize that almost every single client I worked with waste a humongous amount of time with tactics, strategies, lines of through, deeply entrenched opinions, … Read more

Marketing Stack: You Are Buying Too Much Stuff

There’s an app for that. Maybe. But chances are that you are buying too much stuff when it comes to marketing apps. If you are like me, I bet you’ve gone out of your way and invested in a boatload of marketing apps to maybe make it easier for yourself to do digital marketing. Or … Read more

Focus On Lead Generation: Your Desperation Is Killing You

Most businesses want sales, revenue, and profits. That’s exactly what a business should aim for. Without focus on lead generation, however, you won’t make it. Just not so soon. Just not the way you seem to think that because it’s the “online medium”, things are supposed to be easier. You can’t expect to start a … Read more

Online Advertising Vs Traditional Marketing: Here’s The Difference

The Online Advertising Vs Traditional Marketing conversion wouldn’t have been there, if it’s not for the circumstances. Online advertising, digital marketing, and the concept of Inbound marketing is gathering pace. Just not as fast and well-practiced as I’d like. If you asked me just a few years ago on what the best kind of marketing … Read more

Digital Marketing Tools: Simplify

Your digital marketing efforts are never complete with your own marketing stack — a set of chosen digital marketing tools that you’d use regularly — to achieve results.Now that there are tons of marketing tools and because there’s stiff competition among those software companies to outdo each other, it’s both good and bad for you.Good … Read more

Need Help With Digital Marketing? Do This

Before you look out for digital marketing help (or any help whatsoever), make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for. You have no idea how many people are out there who have no idea what they need. If you don’t know what you need, how on earth will you ever get digital … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Screw It Up

Digital Marketing strategy isn’t easy to implement, but it’s not hard either. The mechanics of online marketing remain more or less the same. There are only so many channels you’ll work with and it doesn’t get fancy anywhere. The only variables are aspects that you’ll change depending on your business and your brand. Also, how … Read more

Digital Marketing Myths: Avoid These

So, you launched your business. Congrats. Someone is going to rub some of these Digital marketing Myths on you. Perhaps your business has been on for a while (the digital marketing myths, surprisingly, still apply). Hopefully, you have a site that’s built for speed, designed for success, and looks fabulous to boot. You worried about … Read more