6 Facebook Ad Creative Types That Kick Ass

Facebook is truly a behemoth. As such, it offers several creative types that you could use for advertising. Regardless of your business, Facebook advertising is an incredible fit to help you do branding, reach out to as many relevant people as possible, to generate leads, to help push sales, and more. There are many kinds of … Read more

Paid Advertising: Unbelievable & Silly Mistakes You Still Do

Here’s the thing with paid advertising if you don’t get it right: It entails a relentless charge on your card, it’s a constant burden on your budget, it’s a colossal waste of time, effort, opportunity, and resources. While you have taken a step up from many entrepreneurs who dream but don’t dare put money up … Read more

Facebook Advertising Guide: Launch Campaigns Like a Pro

Why bother with “another” Facebook Advertising Guide? Because when we spend our own money to run our own campaigns, our insights and perspectives are pure gold. But wait. How big is Facebook advertising, you ask? According to Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings, there are more than 4 million businesses and individuals using the platform to … Read more