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How to Do Ecommerce Store Marketing Like a Pro

Without doing eCommerce Store marketing, you’ll only hear crickets and the sound of your head buzzing. It’s not enough to get a great idea, a minimum viable product, or setting up a great foundation for an eCommerce store; you have to do  much more. One of those things that several entrepreneurs who start with eCommerce … Read more

How to Create eCommerce Stores (Solid, Secure, & Fast)

eCommerce is growing faster than you can read this line. According to Kinsta, It is estimated that more than 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. In the year 2017, more than 2.3 trillion in sales and this number is set to double to about $4.5 trillion by the year 2021.  You … Read more

Want to Increase e-commerce Sales? De-clutter your e-commerce store Now

Ask every e-commerce store owner what their issue is, and they’d unanimously say, “… Want to Increase e-commerce sales”. Ashley Rosa — a freelance writer and blogger who’s passionate about technology, commerce, and business has a few tips for you on how to increase e-commerce sales by decluttering your e-commerce store. Take it away, Ashley … Read more

Top Shopify Apps For Shopping Cart Abandonment

Top Shopify Cart Abandonment Apps

Imagine this: you spend hours putting your blog posts together, sharing your posts on social media day after day, or maybe you spend on Facebook ads and Google ads. Regardless of what you do to get potential customers to your website, you are already trudging along uphill with the monster reality of shopping cart abandonment. … Read more

Do You Need e-commerce Landing Pages?

If you are wondering whether or not your e-commerce paid campaigns should have landing pages or not, you are wasting time. Every hour you waste is a clutch of new leads or sales you don’t get. TL; DR: Landing pages provide focus. They help remove clutter, eliminate the usual distractions on an e-commerce page, and … Read more

Your Ecommerce Store Marketing Is All Wrong: Please, Do It This Way Now

You have an e-commerce store. Congratulations. But your eCommerce store marketing is all wrong. I bet you are also thinking of ways to promote or advertise your store but you are wondering how to go about it. Do a search and you’ll get all sorts of suggestions. That’s good, and you can follow all of … Read more

Facebook Ads For Shopify Stores: How to Sell Smarter, Forever

Did you just set up a Shopify Store? Want to Run Facebook Ads For Shopify Stores? Are you staring at a big round “zero” on your Shopify’s Sales Dashboard? It could be depressing, to say the least. But that’s where everyone starts. You could do all the tootsie stuff like writing blogs, getting on social … Read more

Shopify For eCommerce: The Only Platform You’ll Need, Ever

Shopify for eCommerce is the best thing that ever happened to eCommerce. It truly takes away the technical headaches and helps you focus on marketing, growing, and profiting from your business. Focus on that, and eCommerce support, and you are solid. TL; DR: When starting a business, just sign up for Shopify and get started. … Read more

Drip & Shopify Integration: Run a Smart Ecommerce Business

Shopify is a behemoth — and possibly the only eCommerce solution — you should bother considering if you ever wanted to start an eCommerce business. As such, Drip is the ultimate solution for your email marketing automation. The good news is that Drip and Shopify work as well as Mr & Mrs. Smith or the … Read more

Shopify Vs WordPress For Ecommerce: A Comparison of Behemoths

This Shopify Vs WordPress comparison comes in now because the time is just right. WordPress is popular and as a rich ecosystem of themes, plugins, products, hosting solutions. Meanwhile, Shopify is ever popular for starting eCommerce stores (including digital products). The WordPress space is maturing and it’s a platform that gives you complete control over … Read more