Quora Advertising: Do This Before You Launch

Quora Advertising: Do This Before You Launch

Audiences are everything when it comes to your PPC campaigns (it holds good for your Facebook Campaigns, Google Ad Campaigns, LinkedIn Campaigns, and also for Quora Advertising Campaigns).

Without audiences, you are literally shooting in the dark. You don’t know who you are targeting, you have no control on your PPC campaigns, and you’ll only drain your ad budget before concluding that it won’t work for you.

When it comes to Quora Advertising, it’s important to get traffic to your website first so that you have an opportunity to create laser targeted, smart, and effective campaigns that’ll work for your business.

As Joe Martinez of WordStream writes, you’ll have an opportunity to know the population of your own audiences who are also on Quora. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to build custom audiences (based on traffic or by loading the Quora Pixel on specific pages).

You’ll also be able to “list match” your audiences, build lookalike audiences on top of existing audiences, and so much more by just uploading the Quora Pixel properly.

On top of everything else, it’s important to note that Quora advertising is contextual advertising. Your ads show up on pages that have people discussing burning questions that relate to your business.

Of course, you also have the option of actually writing out thoughtful answers on Quora first and then use the “Quora Promoted Answers” ad unit to promote your answer (instead of an ad).

Quora Advertising holds promise. But then, it won’t work if you don’t put in the effort first. ( Learn more about Quora ads from my online course on Udemy now)

Watch this video to learn more about what you need to do before you jump into Quora Advertising:

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Why Quora Ads? 5 Reasons Why Quora Ads Platform Has Potential

Why Quora Ads? 5 Reasons Why Quora Ads Platform Has Potential

You already know Quora. Heck, chances are that you already have an account on Quora and you could be using it to answer questions around topics that your business relates to.

Quora, all by itself, could be an amazing source of leads for your business. By answering questions in detail on the massive Q & A platform, each of your answers could be responsible to bring in high-quality traffic to your website and/or landing pages. At worst, it helps you boost your credibility, build a community, and make genuine relationships on Quora.

Carolyn Edgecomb, talent manager, at Impact, uses Quora to build brand awareness. Meanwhile, Imran Esmail who wrote a post on Smartblogger swears by just how powerful Quora is when it comes to driving loads of traffic to your website.

A long time ago, I wrote about how you can use Quora to get traffic, build credibility, and generate leads.

Quora’s sheer power as a Q & A platform is undeniable. But did you know that Quora also allows you to create ads and directly target specific audiences on their platform?

Quora, with its global user base, is a perfect platform for you to launch ads and specifically target people who could be interested in your products and services.

Quora Ads

As far as advertising goes, unlike Google which runs on keywords and Facebook which allows you to target people based on their interests, Quora allows you to target people based on the topics they are interested in.

If you haven’t considered using Quora Ads Platform before, here are a few reasons why you should:

Quora Has an Active & Huge Userbase

According to Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings, Quora has an active user base of more than 300+ million people. More than 40 million are from the United States. With more than 400,000 topics being discussed about, Quora is your new-age — but a lot more powerful and easy to use platform — than your online forums could ever be.

As I write this, more and more people are joining Quora. Some people join Quora for asking questions. A few others will join because they want to spend time and answer these questions.

Either way, it’s a platform full of people willing to ask and answer questions. It’s a platform that has users who don’t mind writing up 3500-word answers (or more) — complete with links, images, and videos — to provide value.

Now, that’s a little something.

Quora Ads Caters To Hungry & Passionate Audiences

If Barack Obama is active on Quora and is answering questions there, it should tell you a little something about just how much of a big deal Quora really is. But Mr. Obama isn’t the only one active and answering away.

You can also directly have people like Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder and Investor), Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and Satya Nadella.

But then, for your business, you might not even need them. What’s more important is that regardless of the topic or niche that your business relates to, you can use the double-impact strategy to make Quora work for your business.

What’s a double-impact strategy, you ask?

  • Dole out high-quality answers for questions that users ask that relate to your business. Become the expert, the “go to” person, the champion of the cause that’s relevant to the problems your business solves.
  • Use Quora Ads to generate leads and sales.

Two birds. One shot. Just like that.

Quora’s Promoted Answers

Are you already active on Quora? Do you have answers that are already making a difference to several people? Have you been getting shares, upvotes, and comments? Do you have an answer that’s working for your business — notwithstanding credibility and community love — already?

You can now take those particular answers that are relevant to your business or where you might have provided an answer that’s already doing well and use it as an ad unit. Quora’s promoted answers are a terrific way for you to scale up the impact and reach of your existing answers on Quora.

By using Quora’s Promoted Answers, you now have the ability to use a highly-relevant ad unit which is going to look like an advertorial packed with value, within Quora while targeting the exact audience that’s likely to respond to your ad unit.

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Quora Ads

Quora Sessions Will make You an Expert (Ads will Follow)

Quora Sessions is a feature within Quora using which few experts will take time out of their busy day and answer targeted questions directed at them. If you ever wanted to find out answers from well-known experts and those who’ve been there and done that, Quora sessions is what you should be checking out.

Let’s say you aren’t there yet, by asking questions to experts when they go active with their sessions, your questions and the resulting answers are also viewed by several million giving your own Quora profile an instant boost.

But I am talking about “you” being the expert to whom questions will be directed at.

The product is still in development, and the only way to be able to host Quora Sessions is when you become an established expert by putting in the grind and being known on Quora.

Here’s a little from Quora about sessions and about Who Should Host Sessions? 

Image this: if you were an expert answering questions through Sessions and if your own ad shows up next to the streaming conversations, just how effective do you think your ad is going to be?

Quora didn’t make any announcements yet, but I have a feeling that the ability to target sessions on topics will come soon to Quora Ads Platform.

Keep at it, and you’ll get there. I am trying…

Quora Ads

Quora Spaces Give More Relevant Ad Footprint

Quora recently launched Quora Spaces which are collections of content and communities with shared interests. The reason why Quora Spaces was launched was to make it easier for people to share and read up content on specific topics. Normally, Quora has several million pieces of content (questions, answers, and people) and it could be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

At the moment, Quora Spaces hasn’t been rolled out to everyone except a few users on Quora. Now, when it’s rolled out to the public it allows individuals, businesses, communities, or a group of people to launch dedicated spaces for more involved discussions on topics that matter to them.

While Quora might not have thought about this yet (or maybe they have), these Quora Spaces provided for a highly-targeted and relevant space (within Quora) for more targeted ads showing within Quora Spaces.

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How to Set up Quora Pixel

How to Set up Quora Pixel

With more than 300 million users worldwide asking questions, learning from the answers they get, and constantly trying to make sense of the extra-large question-answer threads on Quora, it’s a platform that grossly underrated as far as your advertising dollars go.

Quora advertising works just like some of the other platforms that you are familiar with such as Google or Facebook. As such, to get started with Quora Ad campaigns, you’ll need to set up the Quora Pixel (just like you’d set up a Facebook Pixel).

First, log in to your Quora account and sign up for your ad account. Or Go to Quora for Business and sign up for your ad account (You’d need to add a valid credit card to your account too).

Quora Ads

Find & Add The Quora Pixel

Once you are inside your Quora ad account, you’ll see a tab called “Quora Pixel”. Click on it and follow the instructions to set up your pixel.

Quora Ads Manager

Base Pixel For Quora

Just as it is with Facebook Pixel, The Quora Pixel comes in two parts: the base pixel and the event pixel.

Click on “Set up Pixel” on the right corner of your ads manager screen.

Setup Quora Pixel

You’ll then see the base pixel pop-up

Quora Base Pixel

Copy that piece of code and add it to thesection of your website. In my case, I use Divi so I just add it directly in the provided box to scripts to the head section of my website.

Quora Pixel for Divi

Event Pixel for Quora

Click on Continue and get to the part of the Quora Pixel that tracks conversions (as you define them).

Your conversion events could be generic, purchases, leads, completed registration, add to cart, and more.

Quora Conversion Pixel

Depending on what type of conversion you choose, you’d get a corresponding piece of Javascript code that you’d have to select, copy, and add this piece of code right under the base pixel on the exact pages that show up after these conversions happen (mostly “thank you” pages for most cases).

Quora Ads

Test Your Quora Pixel

After you add your Quora base pixel and event pixels respectively, save your pages. Then, load both those pages on a browser once to activate the pixel.

Head back to your Quora Ads manager, click on the Quora Pixel tab, and you should see your respective pixels loading and with the pixel load count showing as below:

Test Quora Pixel

If you see your Quora pixels loading and with the count showing, you’ve successfully added the Quora pixel to your website.

If you are using Unbounce or Leadpages for your Quora Ad campaigns, you’d have to repeat the process to add your Quora Pixels to each of those landing pages you create for respective pages. When you use landing pages, the base pixel for Quora goes on your main landing page and also the thank you pages. Meanwhile, the conversion part of the Quora pixel only loads on your thank you page (and NOT on the main landing page).

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