Create Airtable Client Intake Forms [Free & Powerful]

Client Intake Forms Airtable

Love Airtable? I do. Would you like to create Airtable Client Intake forms? This is an easy, free, and powerful way to streamline your services. There are million ways you can create forms. There’s Google forms. There are Google form alternatives. There are WordPress-specific form builders. This isn’t even the beginning of it all: WordPress … Read more

10 Effective CTA Examples For Inspiration

Calls to action — those are million-dollar buttons. Good calls to action put money into your bank account. In some cases, they are the reason why a landing page converts so much better than others. Or what some businesses are able to grow while others can’t. It’s all about calls to action everywhere — be … Read more

11 Graphic Design Tools For Non-Designers

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, this post is about a few graphic design tools that you can easily use. Not everyone knows how to use Industry-leading products such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Yet, visuals rule the web. You’d need tons of visuals for all sorts of content – say blog posts, … Read more