Powerful Automated eCommerce Email Marketing Workflows You Should Use

Automated eCommerce Email Marketing workflows

If you aren’t using automated eCommerce email marketing workflows, it’s a superpower you aren’t using.  You could practically switch off all of your marketing campaigns, marketing dollar spends, and all the effort you take to promote Shopify stores and just focus on automated eCommerce email marketing workflows for all I care.  Why, you ask? No, … Read more

Email Marketing Platforms: Dig (Truly) To See What Works

email marketing platforms

By the time you read this, there are more email marketing platforms than you know what to do with. Making decisions to use the right email marketing platform could be a harrowing task (for lack of a stronger phrase). Email marketing platforms come in all sorts of sizes and types. Mostly, several email marketing platforms … Read more

Nike Email Marketing Campaigns: 5 Secrets Are Out [ Steal & Thrive]

Nike email campaigns

Why a blog post on Nike Email Marketing Campaigns, you ask? There’s always something to learn from the best (even if you have opinions about that).  Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Nike is one of the biggest brands there is.  From its actual, brand-owned showrooms everywhere to shady markets of Mogadishu, Nike … Read more

Focus On Lead Generation: Your Desperation Is Killing You

Most businesses want sales, revenue, and profits. That’s exactly what a business should aim for. Without focus on lead generation, however, you won’t make it. Just not so soon. Just not the way you seem to think that because it’s the “online medium”, things are supposed to be easier. You can’t expect to start a … Read more

Email List? Screw That: Build an Email marketing Strategy To be Proud Of

You’ve heard enough about the fact that email marketing truly makes money. For every $1 spent, it gets you $44 back, on average, according to the American Marketing association. Your email marketing stats are loud and clear. In terms of pure return on Investment, email marketing stands unbeatable to this day, although chatbots surely look … Read more

3 Quick Tips For Autoresponders That Work

Email marketing brings in the money, but only when you do email marketing the way you should. Sending out too many emails will make your subscribers rush for the unsubscribe button and sending less number of emails isn’t going to do you any good. But that’s only about the frequency of emails. Your autoresponders are … Read more

Profitable Email Marketing: Aim For The Heart

Note: Want to Build Stunning Emails for your Business? See how DesignModo’s Postcards can help change the way you design emails for your email marketing You don’t want to just use email marketing for the sake of email marketing. There’s no point in sending out email just because you thought had to. You get nothing from sending … Read more

Drip Email Marketing Workflows: Essential Tips

We officially use Drip and Mailchimp as our email marketing tools of choice. You can read up our Mailchimp vs Drip comparison to figure out which one of these works better for your business. If you are using Drip, however, here are a few tips for you: Steal from the community Drip and LeadPages provide you with … Read more