How to Use Facebook Messenger For High-Engagement Selling

Did you know that Facebook Messenger alone as over 1.3+ billion active users (all by itself, it’s almost like another social media network within Facebook)? Facebook messenger is bigger than Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram combined. According to Ben Parr of Inc, your potential customers had over 7 billion conversations, engaged in 17 billion real-time video … Read more

Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Top Use Cases

Earlier, I established that Facebook Messenger is a powerful platform that you shouldn’t overlook and that you can benefit from the sheer reach and engagement of such a platform. With more than 1 billion plus users and counting — and given that almost everyone is on the messenger platform — your Facebook messenger chatbot invariably … Read more

Facebook Messenger: It’s the Money Maker You Are Ignoring

What do you think is a platform today that boasts of engagement levels enough to grow your business to a level you never thought possible? Which platform gives you the best opportunity to engage and sell? You’ll be surprised to know: Facebook Messenger. According to Inc, With more than 1.3 billion users, 2 billion + … Read more