How to Make Unbounce Landing Pages Work Extra Hard

If you use tools like Unbounce to make Unbounce Landing Pages or Sales Funnels (or alternatively use Leadpages or Instapage ), the design part is quick and easy. But that’s also a part of a bigger problem: since it’s so easy to “create” any landing page or sales funnel, most marketers and entrepreneurs think that … Read more

Create Fast Mobile Landing Pages (Like, Blazing Fast)

You are spending more time on mobile than you think you do (and more than ever). So are your potential customers. For that reason, you need to create fast mobile landing pages. Period. If your digital presence isn’t optimized for the web, you aren’t going to cut it. You’ll lose out to your competition. You’ll … Read more

Landing Page Performance: 10 Key Components That Boost Conversions

Landing pages make or break your campaigns. Meanwhile, landing page performance is not a one-time thing. Whether you use content marketing, blogging, social media, email marketing, or paid advertising (using Facebook or Google or any other platform), landing pages are a crucial part of your campaigns. Note: Looking for the best landing page builders in … Read more

5 Steps To Creating Sales Funnels That Convert

Creating sales funnels should be the first thing you should do to make your digital presence count. Without sales funnels, you don’t have a chance to make it with your digital marketing. Agreed that there are better ways to bring in sales — and sometimes you don’t need sales funnels or lead funnels. For most … Read more

Importance of Landing Pages: Why Even Bother?

Before we get to the importance of landing pages, let’s reframe that single question and split it up into a few other questions: For the effort and money you spend to get traffic to your website, would you like to maximize lead generation? Do you want to waste time waiting for developers and designers to … Read more

Home Page Design: 8 Examples That Are Killing It

Home page design is often ignored. But you shouldn’t be. Good home page design doesn’t just make good impressions. In most cases, it makes good coin as well. Pretty looking pages score on “looks” but might not score on “conversions”. Most times, simplicity wins. Even boring and ugly can do better than anything fancy. Yet, … Read more

Why Message Matching Landing Pages Are Critical?

Message matching landing pages are crucial. Chances are that you are doing it right. Whether or not you run paid campaigns, your visitors should be able to click through an ad or a link and “land” on a landing page. It’s not fancy. It’s not “nice to have”. It’s imperative — whether or not you … Read more