Top Shopify Apps For Shopping Cart Abandonment

Top Shopify Cart Abandonment Apps

Imagine this: you spend hours putting your blog posts together, sharing your posts on social media day after day, or maybe you spend on Facebook ads and Google ads. Regardless of what you do to get potential customers to your website, you are already trudging along uphill with the monster reality of shopping cart abandonment. … Read more

Carthook and Shopify: Post-Purchase Offers = Higher AOV(Average Order Value)

Carthook and Shopify

Carthook and Shopify is a combination that’s hard to beat.  Carthook is no ordinary Shopify App – it’s one of those few Shopify Apps that’s also a certified Shopify Plus Certified App (only 60+ apps are certified).  More importantly, in our case, Carthook and Shopify together have the potential to vastly grow your revenue, average … Read more

Klarna and Shopify: Customers Get Freedom. You Sell More

Klarna and Shopify

Klarna and Shopify, together, helps you navigate a new world of buying behavior. You give customers the freedom to pay the way they want and you get to sell more. Simple, eh? Note: Klarna isn’t just for Shopify. It also works with other platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, and others. There are detailed developer docs … Read more

Shopify Review: The eCommerce Platform, That Keeps On Giving

Shopify Review

This Shopify review is being updated in 2022, for all the things that Shopify platform now has available for you. eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar industry and the good news is that it’s an opportunity for everyone. No high barriers. No stupid politics. If you have a dream, and have products to sell, ecommerce is … Read more

Payhip Vs Shopify: What To Choose, & When?

Payhip Vs Shopify

Wondering if Payhip or Shopify is right for your eCommerce venture? Payhip thrives for digital products, offering a free, accessible platform. Shopify dominates in physical product sales, providing scalability and diverse features. [Hint: Shopify is also great for digital products, if you know what you are doing] Consider your business model and needs for the … Read more

Drip & Shopify Integration: Run a Smart Ecommerce Business

Shopify is a behemoth — and possibly the only eCommerce solution — you should bother considering if you ever wanted to start an eCommerce business. As such, Drip is the ultimate solution for your email marketing automation. The good news is that Drip and Shopify work as well as Mr & Mrs. Smith or the … Read more