Best Shopify Apps For Upselling At Checkout

Among several hundred things you’d do to help boost eCommerce conversions, using the best Shopify apps for Upselling at checkout is truly a low-hanging fruit to boost eCommerce conversions.

I mention upsells and cross-selling in my list of 12 Shopify checkout best practices.

Elise Dopson of Shopify also includes upsells and cross-sells in her massive list of 11 eCommerce Checkout Tips: How to Increase Conversions at Checkout.

This is also the reason why platforms like Shopify invest time and effort on features such as enabling upselling and cross-selling even on Shopify POS, Shop Pay, mobile checkouts, and the regular eCommerce store checkout.

There’s a reason why: customers on checkout pages are primed to purchase. If they already made a purchase, they are primed to make another relevant purchase.

Using a highly-flexible, fast-loading, and modular Shopify theme (and/or a drag-and-drop designer built for Shopify) truly helps you to make changes in line with increasing conversions for eCommerce.

Or, there are some of the best Shopify Apps To Upsell at Checkout stage, without you having to power lift or bench press. Here are some of those:

OneClickUpsell By Zipify

OneClickUpsell By Zipify takes the uphill task of boosting top-line revenue for eCommerce stores a breeze. Make use of optimized checkout funnels by using pre-purchase upsell funnels or post-purchase upsell funnels (In just a few clicks).

OneClickUpsell app now also features “Shop” Integration — exclusively for Shop app users (on the Shopify ecosystem).

The app has a ridiculously easy-to-use interface. Providing you with several customization options, built-in A/b testing for your offers, analytics tools, great customer service, and also a knowledge-base (with training resources) if you need help.

Launch unlimited upsells with true one-click purchase prompts (without the need for customers to re-enter their payment details again).


Trusted by more than 3000+ stores, Zoorix offers an immediate revenue boost by allowing you to upsell at checkout.

Zoorix also allows you to use multiple other upsell apps (included). With the Zoorix app, you can create upsells, upsell bundles, bundle discounts, and mix-and-match your upsell offers.

Zoorix has a cross-sell system powered by AI (auto recommendations) or you can choose to upsell with curated manual offers.

Launch dedicated product bundle promo pages featuring various upsell bundle types such as AI-based recommendations, fixed discounts for bundles, percentage-based discounts, and also quantity-based discounts.

With an unbeatable price, the seamless integration with Shopify (without slowing your store down) is a killer proposition that Zoorix boasts about.

In Cart Upsell & CrossSell

The In Cart Upsell and Cross-sell Shopify app helps you take advantage of features such as:

  • AI Autosuggest (which automatically recommends and suggests products that your customers are most likely to buy)
  • Hid eor show upsells based on “customer tags” (and stop irritating people by trying to upsell products at checkout that they already bought).
  • Roll out discounts during checkout and launch campaigns based on targeting based on geographic location, cart content, order amount, and so on.
  • Split test (or A/B test) your checkout specific campaigns by creating 2 versions of upsell offers on checkout.

Bold Upsells

Looking to increase your AOV (Average Order Value)? Bold Upsells promises a fast way to sell more to every customer (and increase the chances of more sales per customer) thanks to an array of post-purchase offers you can make.

Launch upsell offers right on the product page, on shopping carts, during checkout, and on thank you pages (after checkout).

Trusted by more than 700K+ customers, Bold Upsells offers a simple and easy drag-and-drop upsell mechanism for making checkout offers.

Also, create funnels schedule offers, show additional offers (after the primary offer is accepted), and use customized app blocks for total design control or optimization.

Upsell and Cross Sell By Selleasy

Upsell and Cross Sell By Selleasy is a one-click upsell and cross-selling app on Shopify App Store that helps boost your AOV (Average Order Value) instantly.

Take advantage of automatic product recommendations, multi-currency Shopify offers and on multi-language Shopify Stores.

Make your store as good as Amazon with “frequently bought together” product bundles, and cross sell product add-ons.

Initiate cart upsells with pop-ups, display post-purchase upsell offers, cross sell related products or bundles, and more.

Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell

Honeycomb is a popular Upselling and Cross Selling app on Shopify that allows you to push upselling offers on thank you pages, post-purchase pages, product pages, shopping carts, and during checkout.

You can do it manually or even automate upsells with best offers matched to your products or product bundles.

Use built-in A/B testing to tripwire best upsell offers with Honeycomb and then use data-driven decisions on what kind of upsell or cross sell offers work best.

Customize the looks of the app based on your store design or store theme.

Which of these Shopify Apps for Upsells do you use? What worked best for you? Any “must have on this list” apps for upselling on Shopify I missed?

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