11 B2B Email Marketing Examples You’d Fall In love With

B2B Marketing emails always do a tight-rope walk: Should you be serious and sound all corporate-ish or should you dare write out personalized emails?

I only have two recommendations for using an email marketing system that can help you grow your list and run a sustainable email marketing program. If you have multiple offers (like Content Upgrades) use Drip, ConvertKit, or Mailchimp

If you ever wondered, stop doing it. Just make it personal. Here are a few high-energy, fun, and fantastic B2B email marketing examples:

Flywheel: Hey there, Good Looking’!

We use Flywheel for our hosting, and it’s amazing how these guys made something like WordPress managed hosting feel so classy.

You’ll always get personalised, short, well-designed and succinct emails from Flywheel.

Local by Flywheel

LiveChat: Pound of Goodness In an Email

LiveChat is one of my favourite LiveChat solutions. It’s the best, the largest, and it’s backed by some of the best people out there.

Their emails come in with tons of goodies. Especially those with blog posts that just seem to answer some of the most common problems small businesses always have.

Live Chat B2B Email Marketing Examples

Google Keeps It Simple

Google’s Suite (earlier Google Apps) has always been focused on on-boarding small, medium, and large-sized businesses. But their emails never come across as too heavy to deal with.

See this Google My Business (obviously written to business owners) email. There’s not a word on that email that’s unnecessary. Practical, smooth, and to the point.

Google My Business B2B Email Marketing Examples

Vero: Learning Vs Selling

Jimmy Daly of Get Vero did an experiment with a massive 14-step campaign just to welcome new subscribers to the Vero Blog. When Jimmy realised that despite some positive feedback and results, they just nuked the 14 emails in favour of a single one as shown below:

What did that email give the folks at Vero? Thousands of replies, and a possibility to learn and adapt to their users’ needs, and get a deeper understanding of their customers’ problems. The point? Create opportunities to learn, gather data, and get insights before “selling”.

Vero B2B Email Marketing Examples

Conversio: Insight Layered + Value

Conversio is an all-in-one ecommerce dashboard. It helps you save more time to run your business by aggregating all the data you need to make decisions to a single dashboard. Abandoned Carts, receipts, follow-ups, feedback, reviews — everything that relates to your ecommerce is on Conversio.

But that’s not what’s awesome. This email example is:

First, Conversion seems to detect that customers are using Yotpo for reviews. Second, this email helpfully lets premium members know that they don’t have to continue paying for two different services.

Conversio B2B Email Marketing Examples

How cool is that? Especially when Conversio could have just danced in the rain after making the sale, right?

GoSquared: Simplicity At Its Best

Simple emails are the hardest to write. It’s always nice to get an email from GoSquared with one of their product updates (it’s another thing that I am partly biased because I use GoSquared too).

Loads of simplicity per email, custom graphics, and energy just comes in.


Close.io: Hey You, I am Talking to You

Steli Efti is an inspiration for me. His accomplishments with cold email outreach, the hustle, the energy, and his writing style — I can never get enough of it.

His emails have no fancy graphics except a few photos sometimes. He doesn’t use elaborate HTML headers. His emails are mostly text (with links sometimes).

Close.io meanwhile focuses on selling purely to startups, SaaS companies, and businesses.

Close.io B2B Email Marketing Examples

FoodJunky: 1-2-3, That’s it

FoodJunky seems to have a pattern with its effective emails. The company helps businesses manage catering, order food, or arrange for restaurants at the last minute — without HR complications.

If you see their emails, they like to do the step-by-step thing. You know? 1-2-3 and there you go.

Foodjunky B2B Email Marketing Examples

Moo: Share Excitement + Teach

Moo is a company that helps makes businesses get access to premium designs for business cards, post cards, and stickers. Plus, they have oodles of character (and that’s something else).

They didn’t miss a little bit if helpful fun in their email campaigns though.

Moo B2B Email Marketing Examples

See what they did there?

SmartSheet: Value Delivered, In a Snapshot

Smartsheet helps your business manage and automate collaboration. It allows businesses to use high-value solutions and rich data along with providing everything a business needs for compliance and data management.

Did it go over your head already? Wait, their email makes it much easier to understand.

Singular emails with valuable insights shared as an emailgraphic (Call it whatever).

Smartsheel email examples

Woodpecker.co: The No-Sale Email

Woodpecker.co is an awesome tool that can help streamline your cold email outreach efforts. It puts everything you do with Cold email outreach in a single place, allows for automated follow-ups, and provides you with analytics that’ll tell you how well your cold emails are working.

Their emails come without the busy images, if ever. All that they do is share information. Then, some more information. I am yet to see an email from them that says “Sign up”.

Is that good or bad? You tell me.

Woodpecker emails

Do you have any awesome B2B email marketing examples that you can share? I’d be thrilled to hear from you. Please comment below.

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