Nocode App Development: 14+ Tools

Nocode App Development

This is the age of nocode. Thanks to nocode app development, you can build apps without code, and you should know — whether you are directly involved with building apps without code (or with code). I’ll harp about this until I can’t. There’s already a blog post dedicated to nocode website builders that you should … Read more

Best Alternative to Google Forms: Form Pages By WPForms

Forms. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Normally, Google forms is the tool of choice. But sometimes you need the best alternative to Google Forms when you want more. Chances are that there are forms on your WordPress website right now? Unless your need for forms is rudimentary and basic, … Read more

Crello Review: Create Social Posts, Ads, & Animations (In Minutes)

This Crello review isn’t paid for. It’s been written because you can seriously benefit from it.  Seriously, what are we doing with text when more than 50% of our brain processes visuals? People remember 80% of what they see. We follow directions 323% better with illustrations and text than just without illustrations. These are all … Read more

Top Referral Program Software: Amplify Sales

Quick question: Do you use Dropbox? What do you think is the secret behind the success of the behemoth? Any guesses? The answer: Referral programs. Dropbox now claims a $1B revenue run rate and is cash flow positive. Dropbox’s affiliate program – which is a very successful program catapulting the company to stardom, bringing in … Read more

Teachable Vs Podia: Launch My Courses On What?

This Teachable Vs Podia post is only the start of the big sets of comparison I made for the last few years. There are several more comparisons with Podia that I’ll be publishing on an ongoing basis. Or, standalone reviews such as this Thinkific Review For a long time now, I’ve always wanted to get … Read more