Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Now

96% of prospective clients I talk to obviously wants to do digital marketing. There’s curiosity, interest, enthusiasm, wonder, and a sense of fear. Most clients mean well for themselves and for their businesses. Some of them understand the power of content marketing. Since some clients are already used to traditional paid advertising on newspapers and … Read more

How To Do Complete Digital Marketing In Less Than $500 per Month

Note: You cannot possibly hire a full-time agency, a full-time freelancer, or a full-time employee for this price point (since they’ll cost you more). To achieve deployment of complete digital marketing, all month, every month, it’s expected that you’d do the bulk of all the work (especially the content production, content marketing, and content distribution … Read more

The Maverick’s Guide to Get Marketing Results

Want to generate leads for your business? Would you like to get marketing results the smart way? Do you want more opportunities to do guest posting? How about a few initial beta users for your product? Or perhaps you are out of beta for your startup and you are now looking to onboard a few … Read more

Why Digital Marketing Is Not What You Think It Is?

You started a business. Now, I am sure you sat there and wondered: Why Digital marketing? Congratulations on starting your business & the question is a good one. I have a great respect for entrepreneurs and all of my writing elsewhere (apart from this blog) dwells on that respect for the sacrifices they make, the … Read more

Why Message Matching Landing Pages Are Critical?

Message matching landing pages are crucial. Chances are that you are doing it right. Whether or not you run paid campaigns, your visitors should be able to click through an ad or a link and “land” on a landing page. It’s not fancy. It’s not “nice to have”. It’s imperative — whether or not you … Read more

Digital Marketing Myths: Avoid These

So, you launched your business. Congrats. Someone is going to rub some of these Digital marketing Myths on you. Perhaps your business has been on for a while (the digital marketing myths, surprisingly, still apply). Hopefully, you have a site that’s built for speed, designed for success, and looks fabulous to boot. You worried about … Read more