Digital Marketing Minimalism: When Less Is More

Digital marketing minimalism is a hard concept to follow; just like minimalism itself is. What do Joshua and Ryan who run The Minimalists and Courtney who runs BeMoreWithLess have in common? They are minimalists. The advocate the need to get rid of all the crap you hoarded in your life. I followed their advice (what … Read more

How to Put Your Digital Marketing Game Face On

The problem with most of us is that we conveniently believe that we are always doing the best we can with respect to everything. We barely even scratch the surface of what we can really do. When it comes to digital marketing, we have a tendency to stick to what “seems” to work rather than … Read more

Email Marketing A/B Testing: Why Bother & How It Matters?

Exactly 1 out of 143 clients in the last 3 years have bothered with email marketing A/B testing. It’s not surprising since many clients don’t even have “absolutely anything to do” with email marketing itself. I mean, who the heck bothers with the old and boring email marketing when there are really hot social media … Read more

Free Marketing Sample Plan: Now Stop Making Excuses

Disclaimer: This digital marketing sample plan is generic. Every business — depending on different circumstances — can approach this differently. Also, this is purely an organic marketing plan sample. Things are slightly different for paid advertising plans. The point is that this can be the best marketing sample plan only if you treat each of … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Screw It Up

Digital Marketing strategy isn’t easy to implement, but it’s not hard either. The mechanics of online marketing remain more or less the same. There are only so many channels you’ll work with and it doesn’t get fancy anywhere. The only variables are aspects that you’ll change depending on your business and your brand. Also, how … Read more

Why Use Email Marketing?

There’s a lot of bullshit marketing advice out there and I am worried that you are spending way too much time reading that same advice and wasting away even more time before you end up working every day in a way that makes a difference to your business. Forget blogging, SEO, social media, PPC, and … Read more

MailChimp Vs Drip: Which One Helps You Automate Better?

While this is a MailChimp Vs Drip tug of war blog post, I use both. I want you to think and decide which one works for you best. MailChimp, you very well know, is an absolute gem of an email marketing software. Recently, they had let out their automation tools for everyone to use, and … Read more

Email Marketing Stats: Are You Still Doing Small Stuff?

You heard that you should grow your list. It’s repetitive, and it feels like a rallying cry Internet-wide. Marketers, Smart businesses, bloggers, and online publishers — they all swear by email marketing. Why? What’s so sexy about the “un-sexy” email? I used to tell everyone who cares to listen that email marketing is like the … Read more

13+ B2B Email Marketing Examples You’d Fall In love With

B2B Marketing emails — and the B2B marketing email examples shown here — always do a tight-rope walk: Should you be serious and sound all corporate-ish or should you dare write out personalized emails? I only have two recommendations for using an email marketing system that can help you grow your list and run a … Read more

The Need For “Personality Layer” In Digital Marketing

Wondering what a personality layer? I’ll simplify: it’s a coat of paint you don’t have to wear. Because you already got a personality; you just don’t use it well enough. Hello, Reader Number 540,567? Feeling good? No. Ok, hang on. The web is funny, in a way. It tore down boundaries and expanded your opportunities … Read more