5 Steps To Creating Sales Funnels That Convert

Creating sales funnels should be the first thing you should do to make your digital presence count. Without sales funnels, you don’t have a chance to make it with your digital marketing. Agreed that there are better ways to bring in sales — and sometimes you don’t need sales funnels or lead funnels. For most … Read more

Simple Sales Funnels That Work: 7 Stunning Examples

We all hate being sold to. Thanks to well-executed, simple sales funnels online. Most of us don’t wake up on any given day waiting to be in the pipeline of any business. But we have needs or wants. We want to fulfill those.We have problems; we need solutions. As such, we embark on multiple journeys … Read more

Funnel Setup: The Loss-Making Habit You Should Avoid

There’s something about digital media that leads you to believe that you could take shortcuts, jump through the hoops, and change the dynamics of marketing and even interpret customer behavior differently. Writing crap and stuffing blog posts with keywords don’t work. Yet, the trend is still on. Social media has a “social” component to it, … Read more

Building Sales Funnels? Use these Awesome Tools

The reason why you want to spend time building sales funnels is because you need to guide your visitors towards the steps you want them to take. You won’t last a day trying to manage your digital marketing efforts — organic or paid — without the help of the right set of tools to build … Read more

How To Build Your Lead Funnel: A Simple & Practical Guide

Without a lead funnel (more popularly known as the sales funnel), your business is a dud. There’s nothing you’d accomplish without one. If you choose to ignore funnels, you might as well ignore any expectations you might have about making any sales, growing your email subscribers, or bringing anything fancy like marketing automation to work … Read more