[Video] Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working?

If your Facebook Ads aren’t working, it could be about your business (or the specific niche your business is in). It could be about Facebook’s ad policies. Or if you are checked off on both of the above, it might simply be about how your Facebook ad campaigns are set up.

It hurts to see money going out of the window on your Facebook campaigns. I see a recurring trend among clients and many other marketers and businesses I know: they do some basic mistakes that could be easily avoided.

To begin with:

  • Check to see if the campaigns (for products or services) are inline with Facebook’s Ad policies. There’s nothing you can do with your Facebook ad campaigns if you don’t check that off first.
  • Do you have a Facebook Pixel firing (got nothing to do with Facebook approving your ads, but it doesn’t make sense to launch Facebook Ad campaigns without the Pixel in Place). Watch how to add your Facebook Pixel to your Website
  • Do you have landing pages, sales funnels, and the requisite set up for your campaigns? Use Unbounce or LeadPages for your landing pages and sales funnels. Period.

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Find out why your Facebook ads aren’t working as well as they should. See how to make your campaigns perform better.

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Do comment below and tell us how your Facebook ads are working? I’d be glad to hear from you.

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