YouTube Shopping: How to Sell Products On YouTube [With Shopify]

Combine YouTube Shopping and Shopify, eCommerce brands would be foolish not to try.

Could YouTube now be the World’s largest shopping destination, thanks to this marriage between YouTube Shopping and Shopify? It’s already huge when it comes to traffic and the “stickiness”.

There’s potential, of course. That’s not withstanding what’s popular on YouTube already: music, gaming, education, “How to”, Live streams, and so much more.

But, I digress.

YouTube, according to Stacey McLachlan of HootSuite has more than 1.7 billion unique visitors per month and gets 14.3 billion visits per month (more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Instagram put together.

Oh yeah, it’s “pop-u-lar!” as Stacey puts it.

In the United States, more than 62% of users access YouTube Daily (several times per day). 92% of American users claim to use the platform daily, and 98% of users access it monthly.

Spending an average of 19 minutes per day on YouTube, that’s a generous chunk of time — not considering the fact that almost 99% of YouTube users are also on other social media platforms.

Since almost 700,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube each minute, let me know if you still want to argue that YouTube and business cannot go on a date yet?

YouTube Shopping and Shopify: What’s all the Noise About?

You’ve seen why YouTube is a compelling platform (not just to view and consume) but also to sell products and to grow your eCommerce business.

Talking about eCommerce business, it grew by 30% back in the year 2020 alone.

People come to YouTube everyday (with a shopping bug inside of them, except there were only a few ways to release the bug).

Creators and viewers have a unique relationship, leading to trust. In a study YouTube ran along with Publicis and TalkShoppe, more than 89% of viewers agree hat YouTube creators provide recommendations that they trust.

Videos with “Shop With Me” in the YouTube video title alone grew by a massive 60% year over year, according to Google.

More than 87% of YouTube viewers say that while casually browsing YouTube, they “feel like they can make a decision to purchase or not purchase much faster”

In July this year (2022), YouTube and Shopify partnered together to bring eCommerce experiences to YouTube Shopping. You can pin products, right next to your videos so that people watching videos can also buy (or subscribe).

How to Connect Shopify With YouTube Shopping

I assume you already have a Shopify Store. If not, start a free trial to see how it works. Shopify YouTube Shopping feature opens up your chances to sell more, period.

Sell products in style? Yes.

Sell products leading with trust, a talking face, and a warm personality? Oh yes.

Learn more about YouTube Shopping with Shopify

Install Google Channel By Shopify

Google Channel is a free app by Shopify that allows you to plug into powerful features available with Google (which includes YouTube, Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping, and more).

Login to Shopify Admin, install or connect the Google Channel App by Shopify to your store. You’ll need this to connect the bridge between Shopify and YouTube Shopping.

Shopify Google Channel

Connect YouTube Account

In the Google Channel App by Shopify, you’ll find a separate section for YouTube Shopping.

This is where you’ll connect your Shopify store with the appropriate eCommerce brand channel that you run for your eCommerce business.

Google Channel

Choose Products To Feature on YouTube Shopping

Not all products should show on every video on YouTube. Depending on what the video on YouTube is about, push appropriate products to feature on those respective videos.

If you are talking about beard trimmers, showcase your best beard trimming products, or best sellers, or the ones that are relevant but still most profitable for you.

Shopify YouTube Integration

Add Products to Videos

After connecting Shopify and YouTube, it is time to add the products (so that they show up with relevant videos). Within your YouTube Channel, go to Monetization> Shopping and add your products.

Ensure product names, images, pricing, and inventory details are always up-to-date with an automatic catalog sync from your Shopify store to YouTube.

Repeat this process for each video, showing appropriate and relevant products. This integration automatically pulls in relevant product images, product links, and product descriptions. If you are a U.S-based Shopify Merchant, there’s also Sync Shopify Products to YouTube

Manage & Stay on Top of Sales In Shopify

You can keep track of just how well the YouTube Shopping channel is working for your eCommerce brand.

One-stop tracking means you can sell on YouTube and manage sales and performance alongside everything else in your Shopify admin.

This is not withstanding everything else you can do within Shopify — such as to build audiences, use automation, capture leads, deploy eCommerce email workflows, and more.

Manage Sales in Shopify

YouTube Shopping: Empowering Creators & eCommerce brands

Being either a creator or a business owner isn’t easy — not with all the competition, the lack of attention spans, and that it’s only getting harder to sustain.

As such, YouTube’s move — with Shopify — to make it worth their while as creators and business owners (or eCommerce brands) is more than just welcome.

This is what Kaz Nejatian, VP of Product at Shopify had to say about the YouTube Shopping and Shopify integration:

“Shopify is the commerce infrastructure of the internet, powering millions of independent businesses all over the world. We believe creators are the next generation of merchants, and YouTube has been a long-time leader in powering this new cohort of entrepreneurs. We’re excited to partner with YouTube, and help scale the creator economy into its next phase of growth.”

Tap into the power of YouTube. Start Plugging In your Products for the world to see (and buy).

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