How to Build Websites That Get Results

You know what I know for sure? If you don’t build websites that get results, you’d rather not build websites at all.

If your website just sits there with a few pages of information (about page, contact page, and what not) and if it doesn’t get your business what it needs (leads and sales), then there’s no point in having a website for your business at all. 

There’s just really no need to spend on website design, hosting, or anything else that you’d think you need to spend on if your website doesn’t generate the results it was meant to be. 

What results should websites get? It depends on the kind of website you have and what it was designed for. For instance: 

  • Blog – a single author, content-heavy, personalized website that gets traffic which has to be monetized accordingly. 
  • Online Magazine — usually a blog with a multi-author or a multi-site site (preferably with WordPress Multisite) 
  • Business website – built to help promote your business, to provide you with a start for your business branding, and to get your business leads and sales 

Of course, you could have several variations for your website in the three categories alone.

For instance, a blog or an online magazine could very well be a way to promote affiliate programs. Or you could have specialist websites such as a classified site, a real estate listings site, a job board, etc. 

First, we need to take a few things off the table (because I still see several small business owners requesting quotes for this). 

  • You need a firm and reliable infrastructure for your websites to live on (Cheap hosting costs you more money than you think). The best hosting options are Flywheel, WPEngine, Kinsta, Cloudways, and 10Web (you also get 22+ premium plugins and services along with your hosting). Some of these are the best platforms for your website to be reliable and fast. 
  • You don’t need to hire developers or designers for websites of most kinds (unless you want to build another Facebook or TikTok). One option is to just pick WordPress as your CMS and use a combination of tools such as Elementor + Crocoblock or Divi to develop any kind of website you need. Or use Webflow and create any kind of website visually. 
  • If that’s not the route you want to take, you have website builders that you can use. Some of the popular ones are Mozello, Weebly, Wix, and more. 
  • Websites are websites. Landing pages and sales funnels are different — landing pages and sales funnels are high-performance pages (without clutter) built for conversions (such as leads and sales). They are built separately and then integrated with your website. For landing pages and sales funnels, you have options such as Unbounce, LeadPages, Simvoly, Instapage, Kartra, and several others. Just make a decision depending on your needs, your budget, and what you intend to achieve. 


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Once these are off the table, let’s look at a few things to ensure that your websites work for you. 

Note: Most of the functions you need are either readily available (with any of the options you choose) or will require a little bit of arm twisting, tweaking, integrating, or working with various plugins (or apps) to make things work. 

Don’t Be Cheap: It’s Your Brand

You don’t give out your name, title, and phone number on a tissue paper at a business meeting now, would you? 

You wouldn’t want your customers or partners to think that you are cheap, that you don’t care about them or your own business. 

That’s why it’s important to invest in the right platforms, the right hosting solutions, and the right ways to create your website in the first place. 


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Your website, your business, the results you get from your marketing, and the fate of your business  — your decisions will impact how it all turns out to be. 

Think Strategy First. Execution Follows Next

Most websites are built without a purpose — have a business? Get a website. That’s good as long as you don’t care about what your website achieves for you. 

You’d be surprised to know that even pure offline business models can benefit from well-managed websites and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

Before you even think of creating websites, think about strategy. Think long and hard about what it is that you want your website to achieve over a period of time.

  • Is it meant for content consumption (read blogs or articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts)? 
  • Is your blog or online magazine a way for you to grow your affiliate income? To become an affiliate partner? A way to help you make money online?
  • Is your website a special purpose website — such as an online course catalog? A membership site? A listings site? A Classified site? 

Bring Results with WordPress Plugins

Let’s say you had a WordPress website and a well-managed blog. You just wanted a way to generate leads by using content marketing or inbound marketing.

For this, apart from your website on WordPress itself, you’ll need pop-ups, slide-ins, exit-intent forms, and more.

Use any of the powerful lead generation plugins available to you such as OptinMonster, ConvertPro, and others. 

If you were using Webflow, you can use OptinMonster or you could create “modals”, “Calls to Action”, “forms”, “pop-ups”, and pretty much anything else with Webflow itself. 

As for Do-it-Yourself website builders, it’s a case of “to each, its own”. Ascend By Wix is a set of features to help you create forms, pop-ups, marketing messages, emails, and several other things you need.

However, Wix has its own ecosystem and it’s incredibly hard (or near impossible) to connect with your favorite marketing apps. If you wanted to use MailChimp or Drip with Wix, for instance, it’s not possible. 

Weebly & Wix have its own ecosystem of apps likewise. 

Think about the results you need from your website, choose your plugins or apps accordingly. 


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