Why Use Facebook Lead Ads?

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Facebook Ads Management: Why You Need It Now?

If you ever wondered as to why you need to invest in active Facebook Ads management, think about this: As of 2019, there are over 2.32 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) on Facebook according to Zephoria. Let it sink in. As far as your business is concerned, you don’t have to like Facebook personally. But … Read more

Why Quora Ads? 5 Reasons Why Quora Ads Platform Has Potential

You already know Quora. Heck, chances are that you already have an account on Quora and you could be using it to answer questions around topics that your business relates to. Quora, all by itself, could be an amazing source of leads for your business. By answering questions in detail on the massive Q & … Read more

Why PPC Campaigns Fail (& When Paid Advertising Is Not For You)

Paid ads aren’t the best fit for every business. If you aren’t careful, one of the reasons why PPC campaigns fail is not because ad platforms aren’t good enough; it’s only because you aren’t really thinking hard enough. You aren’t doing enough. It just had to be said because of the eagerness with which so … Read more

How to Set up Quora Pixel

With more than 300 million users worldwide asking questions, learning from the answers they get, and constantly trying to make sense of the extra-large question-answer threads on Quora, it’s a platform that grossly underrated as far as your advertising dollars go. Quora advertising works just like some of the other platforms that you are familiar … Read more

How to Run Facebook Campaigns

Want to run Facebook Campaigns but overwhelmed? Ever looked at the options available for you within your Facebook Ads Manager? It’s bewildering, to say the least. Seasoned pros (me included) often struggle with the ever-changing Frankenstein that the Facebook ads platform could be. If experienced pros could find the Facebook ads platform perplexing, ever imagined … Read more

Reduce Facebook Ads Cost: Top Tips To Spend Less & Get More

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Connect Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns To Your CRM

Did you know that Facebook Lead Ads can help you get at least 5X more leads at about 85% drop in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? But you wouldn’t be able to make any good use of this if you According to Adespresso, Lead Generation ads can be a lead generation monster if you did it … Read more

Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategies: Generate Leads On Autopilot

Google Ads has been around, for a long time. So much that Google Ads has developed and implemented advanced bidding strategies for you to help automate your bidding strategies, maximize your Google Ad Budget, and to help you achieve your goals with Google ads. Popular advice Google Ads automated bidding strategies make you believe that … Read more