How to Create Facebook Ads In Mailchimp

When one awesome tool integrates directly with a phenomenal platform for advertising, what do you get? When you get to create Facebook ads in Mailchimp, you get awesomeness, that’s what. MailChimp recently introduced a slew of new features such as fresh new pop-up options along with the ability to create Facebook ads from within MailChimp’s … Read more

Top Facebook Ad Budgeting Tips: Save Cash Now

Budgets aren’t infinite. It only helps if you follow a few Facebook ad budgeting tips. Why, you ask? Here’s one of the most frequently asked questions, in multiple variations: “How much do I spend on my Facebook Campaigns? ” “What should be my budget for Facebook campaigns?” “What kind of budget do I allocate for … Read more

Paid Advertising: Unbelievable & Silly Mistakes You Still Do

Here’s the thing with paid advertising if you don’t get it right: It entails a relentless charge on your card, it’s a constant burden on your budget, it’s a colossal waste of time, effort, opportunity, and resources. While you have taken a step up from many entrepreneurs who dream but don’t dare put money up … Read more

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup: Here’s How You Do it Right

Whether you use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or any other traffic sources, it’s imperative that you plan your campaigns the right way. If you don’t, you lose money. You’ll call it an experiment. You won’t get anything from it. You did hear that more than 98% of all ad spend is wasting, didn’t you? It’s … Read more

Facebook Advertising Guide: Launch Campaigns Like a Pro

Why bother with “another” Facebook Advertising Guide? Because when we spend our own money to run our own campaigns, our insights and perspectives are pure gold. But wait. How big is Facebook advertising, you ask? According to Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings, there are more than 4 million businesses and individuals using the platform to … Read more

How to Use Your Facebook Business Manager

If your business has a Facebook Business Mange (which you mostly should) and if you have anything to do with Facebook Advertising for your business, you should use your Facebook Business Manager. It’s built for businesses so why won’t you? Let’s address the “Why” first: Facebook launched “Business Manager” to separate your personal Facebook account from … Read more

Adroll Review: Full-Suite Retargeting Platform To Boost Conversions

This Adroll review is continuously updated as Adroll launches (or removes) features and capabilities as a platform. As a marketer or as an entrepreneur, what you need today is full-funnel optimization. Your sales funnel will never be complete without retargeting. Before that, there’s the work of setting up the funnel first. Broadly, there are four … Read more

[Infographic] Convincing Retargeting Stats For You To Gawk At

If these retargeting stats are anything to go by, it’s just unbelievable as to how so many businesses fail to take advantage of the power of retargeting. Go ahead, take a look at it, tell me what you think about these retargeting stats: