WordPress Website Builders: 9 Killer Options

WordPress Website Builders

Thanks to some fantastic WordPress Website Builders, website development or design (unless you are creating something that’s like Facebook) for most businesses shouldn’t take more than a day. In fact, from a marketing standpoint, any small business website that takes more than a day to create is an opportunity cost. If you take 4 weeks, … Read more

LeadPages Site Builder: Create Marketing Ready Websites

Why do you need the Leadpages Site Builder, you ask? Most websites are built like crap — they aren’t designed properly, they aren’t ready for marketing, and no one would trust you with a website that doesn’t load fast, is confusing to use, or simply just reeks of bad design (along with useless fancy elements).  … Read more

Website Copywriting: 9 Examples of Powerful Copy

Website copywriting is the reason behind multi-million dollar businesses. Copy is everywhere — on every website you visit, every landing page you land on, every ad you see, and on every product you touch. You see copy in those ads on the newspaper you sat down with this morning, on the outdoor hoardings you saw … Read more

How to Get Traffic For A New Website

Wondering how to get traffic to a new website? There’s good news and bad. The bad news is that there aren’t any shortcuts in this post. There are no magic bullets. The good news is that with hard work, patience, and by sticking to basics, you can get traffic to a new website indeed. Each … Read more

17 Front Page Designs Built For High Conversions

Front page designs for websites or hero sections of your home page is prime real estate, but most website owners and marketers treat it like garbage. Ideally, for maximum conversions, home pages should be built like landing pages. Front page designs for websites must convert. Landing pages are designed with a singular goal in mind: … Read more