Easy SEO Tips: 8 Powerful, Long-Term Strategies

Looking for easy SEO tips? Why not, right? The whole world is looking for “easy”. Let’s just switch that word out to something that’s more honest and achievable — like, long-term, medium-easy-to-hard, and sustainable SEO practices. With more than 40,000 searches conducted on Google every “second”, it’s just breathtakingly beautiful to even think about the … Read more

How to Use SEMRush For Backlink Audits (In 10 Mins)

When you use SEMrush for Backlink audits, you are essentially doing a quick health check on the backlink profile of your website. Who’s linking to you? Are those links genuine and healthy or are you being bombarded with all sorts of shady links to your site? When you have too many shady links pointing to … Read more

Guest Posting Sucks: No ROI, Timesuck, & Darned Hard

Guest posting sucks. Unnecessarily made popular by SEO agencies and earnest bloggers, it gets way too much credit than it deserves. Have you been checking the web for guest posting opportunities? Did you honestly think that guest posting — for SEO, traffic, branding, or whatever it was that had you convinced — is the best … Read more