Why Create Landing Pages?

Why create landing pages? Because you want to grow your business, that’s why.

You should create landing pages to boost your conversions (which will be much more than if you’d send people to a regular website) and to lower your cost of acquiring leads or sales. 

There are three main reasons creating a landing page works in your favor: 

  • A hugely improved post-click experience (everything that happens after someone clicks through on your ads or on the links you place in your content). 
  • To provide a simple, clutter-free, and highly focused experience which carries the story forward. For instance, an ad or a message (say within an email or in a blog post) that says “Download X for free” is carried on to the landing page to complete the story and to earn a lead. 
  • To ultimately lower your costs of acquisition by helping you to craft experiences by helping you (marketers or business owners) match ads with destination pages (landing pages or funnels) 

As the folks at Unbounce write, 

The bulk of advertisers spend time exclusively on the ad platform side tweaking audience targeting, adjusting keyword bids, testing ad copy, and scripting to automate small tweaks. Most advertisers or marketers also put in all the work for organic marketing leaving landing pages on the wayside. 

Marketers and business owners spend an awful amount of time, energy, money, and other resources to make their marketing work. 

Sadly, most of this digital marketing work is uncoordinated or often conducted in silos with intense focus (almost always not leading to anything concrete or meaningful).

Focusing only on SEO, for instance, deprives you of every other digital marketing channel you have at your disposal such as social media, paid advertising, blogging, and other digital marketing basics 

If you do blogging, social media, email marketing, paid advertising — including retargeting — with landing pages, lead generation elements on your website, and even use marketing automation, you should be sending traffic to optimized, message-matching landing pages to generate leads (which you’ll later nurture with email marketing by using tools like Drip or MailChimp). 

It’s all about the focus, branding, the post-click experience, conversions, and the average cost of conversions. 

So, here’s why you need to create landing pages: 

It’s all about the attention Ratio

Oli Gardner of Unbounce defines Attention Ratio as 

“ the ratio of the number of things you can do on a given page to the number of things you should do.”

Essentially, you could practically have anything you want on a page. But you don’t want to do that since landing pages are purpose-built with elements on the page only to the extent that it helps you boost conversions (not to look pretty, fancy, or to win a listing on Awwwards) 

attention ratio landing pages

Any extra elements you add on your landing page are going to distract your visitors from the main purpose of the landing page. 

Let’s say you wanted your visitors to sign up for a coupon, you’ll then not need to have navigation menu on your page (Just removing the navigation menu on your landing page can lead to 100% more conversions]) ,there’s no need to include your product pages again, and there’s no need to include social media links, and there’s no need to add any other links on the page. 

In fact, just adding links alone could reduce your conversions big-time as shown below. 

how links affect conversions

The Story. The Context. The Flow 

Have a great product and you want to let the whole world know? Bad luck. The average Google Ad could never let you say everything you wanted to say within the ad.

The same is true for the average Facebook Ad (although you get a little more expressive with visuals and videos, depending on the type of Facebook Ad you use). 

With Landing Pages, you can let the story out. You can make it flow. You can provide context to the whole experience. 

Here’s an example: Unbounce ran an ad on Facebook for their 68-page eBook on Landing Page design. As you can see, there’s not much space there to let their target audience know why they should download the eBook.

With the help of a message-matching landing page to help provide more context, the story could flow.  Note that the landing page also has visuals of the page (continued from the Facebook ad that people clicked on), social proof, and a face to the name — all in a bid to convince users to actually download the eBook. 

landing page message match


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Creating Landing Pages Forces You To Be Less Wishy-Washy 

We all have a tendency to go overboard. Sometimes, our headlines don’t make any sense. Or we go too vague on the headline, subheadings, or the text. In fact, many of the landing pages I get to work on already come with the ubiquitous wishy-washyness while being all over the place. 

You create landing pages because you want to make an offer.

You want to be sure that the offer you are making is strong, clear, in-demand, and you are making absolutely clear as to what your potential customers get when they click through and arrive on your landing page. 

Here’s an extra sleazy landing page that the folks at Unbounce created: 

bad example of landing page

What’s “awesome” here? What exactly “arrived”? What does the “bleeding edge solution” bleed exactly? How do you “utilize” it? How is the offer “special”? It says “limited time”, but until when? 

Ah, and that button that says “submit” [ I won’t ever submit myself to anything, you hear?] 

It’s one thing to know why create landing pages; it’s another thing to create landing pages that get you the results you seek. 

Already have landing pages? You have no idea how well it’s doing or what it’s capable of unless you put your pages to a test. Use this landing page analyzer and see how well your landing pages work for yourself.

Looking for the best way to create landing pages yet?

Watch This:

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