Elementor Cloud: What Is It? How Does It Help?

What is the Elementor Cloud, you ask? It’s everything you know, love, and trust about Elementor Pro — hosted for you, on the cloud.

Have you been wondering how to use Elementor cloud for your business? 

The Elementor Cloud is a complete wordpress solution for creating, hosting, and managing websites using WordPress for your business. 

What The Elementor Cloud Comes Packed With? 

One subscription, all the benefits — that’s the promise of the Elementor Cloud. As a business or as an agency, you can manage your website from a single place.

You get all that, plus the design freedom, plugins, functionalities, and everything else that Elementor provides — without having to purchase and manage a plugin, look for dependable hosting, and so on.

Complete Elementor Ecosystem

When you subscribe to the element of cloud, you get everything in one place which includes hosting, wordpress free install, a secure platform, and premium support.

You also get other popular features that Elementor already provides with its Elementor Pro  that you love and that you would need for complete design freedom. 

You get access to Elementor’s fast “hello” theme, Elementor landing pages, Elementor Popups, Elementor WooCommerce features, and Elementor website design kits, and more.  

Management Dashboard and Control 

Elementor Cloud Dashboard

Elementor Cloud also comes with a management dashboard  which allows you to take control of your website on a single environment with what is called as ‘MyElementor’ dashboard.

You can perform actions such as connecting your domain name, running your backups, updating themes and plugins, managing your or restoring backups, and so on. 

Third-party Elementor Ecosystem 

Thanks to Elementor’s popularity, there are several other third-party plugins, themes, and other providers who work closely with the Elementor ecosystem.

When you use the Elementor Cloud, you also get access to several of these themes, plugins, and other WordPress products that play nice with Elementor. 

For instance, you get the following: 

Crocoblock (with its complete family of popular plugins such as JetFormBuilder, JetEngine and some top Crocoblock WordPress plugins. This is on top of Crocoblock themes like Kava and ready-to-use, business-ready dynamic WordPress plugins.


Crocoblock Review: All-In-One Toolkit for WordPress Nerds

Elementor Cloud Hosting 

Your websites will be hosted on the Google cloud platform which is trusted by some top companies for world class security and reliability, with Elementor servers in Belgium. 

Elementor  Cloud features and security

Each Elementor Cloud subscription package comes with around 100 GB bandwidth for a top site experience, handles up to 100K monthly unique visitors, and up to 20 GB of storage for all your content and assets. 

Element and cloud hosting also comes with an SSL certificate bundle (with industry-trusted SSL certificate from cloudflare) or you could install your own certificate if required.

You get daily backups with automatic backup performed every 24 hours. Optionally, you can run manual backups as often as you like.

A feature called sitelock can help restrict access to work-in-progress websites ( can be kept private and it is unlocked for viewing with a passcode). 

Elementor Cloud Compatibility with Other WordPress Plugins

Elementor Pro (comes included with Elementor Cloud) already has a Pop-up Builder, Landing pages, and is incredibly effective for marketers.

Elementor eCommerce is already ready (and packed with features) to make your WordPress eCommerce site shine.

Most WordPress website users also tend to use wordpress  along with several popular plugins such as ACF, LearnDash, WooCommerce, and others. 

Elementor Cloud is fully compatible with other popular wordpress plugins (as above) and some more such as Smush from WPMUDEV.

Elementor Cloud Support for Emails

The Elementor Cloud Website subscription allows you to send upto 100 emails per day from your website — this includes form submission emails, purchase confirmation emails, admin notifications, or other events that trigger email sending.

Elementor Cloud does not include email hosting services. Get email services from Namecheap, Google Workspaces, Office 365, and others. 

Elementor Cloud Pricing 

The Elementor Cloud pricing can really eat the industry for breakfast. 

Priced at $99 per year for one site, it’s a great value for money (considering everything else that Elementor provides).

Other Options for High Quality Hosting Providers

Depending on your needs, the type of business(es) you run, you can also consider the following options.


WPEngine (Consider Atlas Packages for hosting and managing Headless WordPress sites)



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