Adroll Review: Full-Suite Retargeting Platform To Boost Conversions

This Adroll review is continuously updated as Adroll launches (or removes) features and capabilities as a platform. As a marketer or as an entrepreneur, what you need today is full-funnel optimization. Your sales funnel will never be complete without retargeting. Before that, there’s the work of setting up the funnel first. Broadly, there are four … Read more

ClickFunnels Review: A Non-Affiliate’s POV

Note: I am not an affiliate for Clickfunnels but I use Clickfunnels for clients sometimes. This Clickfunnel review is based on my experience. I mainly use Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages for myself and for clients. Use this Clickfunnels review to get to the reality. Is it good? Hyped? How much does clickfunnels cost? Then, some … Read more

8 Unbounce Tips To Make Your Landing Pages Sweat

Looking for some Unbounce tips? You are where you should be. Landing pages are an absolute must if you are trying to send people to a page where you want them to take some kind of an action. With the exception of people landing on your website or web pages directly (which is possible through … Read more

Website Code Bloat: How to Trim & Speed Up Websites

Let’s admit it. Most small businesses have websites that have grown slow, fat, and with a serious case of code bloat. You think not? According to Andy Favell of Clickz, the size of webpages sent to mobile phones quadrupled in the last 5 years. Out of the entire load, images account for 68% of the … Read more

Cold Email Outreach: How It Helps

History knows this. Cold calling worked. Now, Cold Email Outreach works as well. But there’s a way to go about it. There are enough examples around to prove that sheer dedication, commitment, and a dogged pursuit almost never fails. You know how the life of an inspired, enthusiastic, and well-meaning marketer or business owner can … Read more

[Infographic] Convincing Retargeting Stats For You To Gawk At

If these retargeting stats are anything to go by, it’s just unbelievable as to how so many businesses fail to take advantage of the power of retargeting. Go ahead, take a look at it, tell me what you think about these retargeting stats:

11 Bloggers Show How to Increase Blog Traffic

Have business? You should blog. Want to learn how to increase blog traffic? Learn from bloggers who do it right. If you’ve ever wondered How to Increase Blog Traffic (and hence traffic to your website), you are in the right place. Most businesses think that blogging is fancy. They do want to hire someone to do SEO … Read more

Short Guide On Lead Generation That Just Works

Lead generation is that little phrase that has businesses on the edge nowadays, with attention spans of their respective customers going down and the simultaneous growth in the sheer number of places that they can now hang out at. Lead generation isn’t easy, I’ll give you that. If you want to build a pipeline that … Read more