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How To Use Pinterest: Lessons from 5 Companies That Rock

For most people, the jury is still out on Pinterest. Some businesses have figured it out and many others didn’t. A few businesses don’t even bother and they don’t have Pinterest on the same priority listing as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. It’s understandable, and it’s a pity.
Pinterest has been growing rapidly – almost all the while you were busy with the other networks.

Starting 2014: Do This Favor For Your Business

There are lots of predictions out there and I am sure you are done reading them all by now. It’s time to wear your socks, grab your gear, and take some kickass action. I am going to do it and I believe you’ll want to do it too. For the last three months leading to the end of this year, there have been thousands of thoughts in my head about what exactly I need to do to make my business work.

How to Prepare For Marketing in 2014 (and forever & Ever)

So, they said marketing is tough. They also told you that it’s hard to do marketing. It’s impossible to get customers’ attention. Oh, the predictions they make!

Just like they thought franchising was a scam and just as they predict social media wouldn’t work for businesses. People – as always – will make their predictions. But you aren’t “people”; you have a business to run.


Ten Simple Steps to Become Facebook Famous

Interested in becoming “Facebook famous?” It’s easier than you might think. While the popularity may not last a long time, you can think of it as your 15 minutes of fame – something all people enjoy at some point in their life. We’ve outlined a ten-step process to making sure you become famous for something at least once on Facebook. Ready to get started?

Here’s a look at the ten specific…

How to develop Passion for Marketing (and why)

Passion for Marketing

Passion? For marketing? Am I out of my mind? If you thought that, you are certainly out of your element if you have to do anything at all for a living. Rich (inherited or otherwise), may please excuse. The rest us, take note.

Marketing is the path we take to get what we want. Job seekers want jobs. Business owners want sales.

Brands want reputation. Mothers want what’s good for kids.

How to Realign Your Marketing Workflow & Strategy

So, the marketing world has come to this: mobile gets more important than ever before, according to a timely post by Patricia Redsicker of Social Media Examiner. Email marketing is still in. Social media has permanent rush-hour traffic and your marketing budget still stays the same. Meanwhile, you have a business to run. You have leads to generate; you’ll need customers more than ever. W…

How to Make an Impact With Your Twitter Updates, for Real

Twitter Best Practices

It’s been a month since I’ve been active on Twitter for a huge variety of reasons: to build our brand, to get to know others, to keep abreast of all that information deluge, and obviously to grow our following. Earlier, we used to fall into the trap of working so much on managing social media accounts for clients that we’d rarely update our own accounts.

Times have changed. Sense prevailed.

How to Do Guerrilla Marketing For Your Facebook Page

I just decided one day that I had to pivot and think cheap – not that I had to, but it’s just that I wanted to. It so happens that “out of the box” thinking doesn’t bode well with abundance; it’s the direct result of scarcity. I looked for ways to promote our Fetchprofits Facebook page without using paid ads, sponsored posts, or any of the fancy store trinkets.

Why Facebook?

Have Content? So What?

5 User Experience Issues that are Critical to Stakeholders Today

Critical User Experience Issues


When undertaking any User Experience (UX) Project, there are certain key components that are universal to all stakeholders; irrespective of the professional field or area they emanate from. Getting a full understanding of these stakeholder requirements and needs is usually the difference between having a UX project that gets a buy in from relevant stakeholders or one that is trashed…

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