Digital Marketing Minimalism: When Less Is More

Digital marketing minimalism is a hard concept to follow; just like minimalism itself is. What do Joshua and Ryan who run The Minimalists and Courtney who runs BeMoreWithLess have in common? They are minimalists. The advocate the need to get rid of all the crap you hoarded in your life. I followed their advice (what … Read more

How to Put Your Digital Marketing Game Face On

The problem with most of us is that we conveniently believe that we are always doing the best we can with respect to everything. We barely even scratch the surface of what we can really do. When it comes to digital marketing, we have a tendency to stick to what “seems” to work rather than … Read more

7 B2B Marketing Rules: Follow Like Religion

B2B marketing rules are hard to follow. I get it. B2B marketing often involves an extended sales process, is more geared towards companies (and not individuals, and the inherent complexity of B2B products and services. With B2B marketing, it’s also harder to identify the right buyers and create the complex pricing structures that it demands. … Read more

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup: Here’s How You Do it Right

Whether you use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or any other traffic sources, it’s imperative that you plan your campaigns the right way. If you don’t, you lose money. You’ll call it an experiment. You won’t get anything from it. You did hear that more than 98% of all ad spend is wasting, didn’t you? It’s … Read more

Email Marketing A/B Testing: Why Bother & How It Matters?

Exactly 1 out of 143 clients in the last 3 years have bothered with email marketing A/B testing. It’s not surprising since many clients don’t even have “absolutely anything to do” with email marketing itself. I mean, who the heck bothers with the old and boring email marketing when there are really hot social media … Read more

Free Marketing Sample Plan: Now Stop Making Excuses

Disclaimer: This digital marketing sample plan is generic. Every business — depending on different circumstances — can approach this differently. Also, this is purely an organic marketing plan sample. Things are slightly different for paid advertising plans. The point is that this can be the best marketing sample plan only if you treat each of … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Screw It Up

Digital Marketing strategy isn’t easy to implement, but it’s not hard either. The mechanics of online marketing remain more or less the same. There are only so many channels you’ll work with and it doesn’t get fancy anywhere. The only variables are aspects that you’ll change depending on your business and your brand. Also, how … Read more

Best Landing Page Design: The Anatomy

Let me the clarify at the outset: Best landing page design for me is something that brings in results. Anything more is welcome, but nothing less. Looks don’t matter. I don’t care about anything else except for the singular reason the landing page is being built for. The trouble with digital marketing is that there … Read more

Top Referral Program Software: Amplify Sales

Quick question: Do you use Dropbox? What do you think is the secret behind the success of the behemoth? Any guesses? The answer: Referral programs. Dropbox now claims a $1B revenue run rate and is cash flow positive. Dropbox’s affiliate program – which is a very successful program catapulting the company to stardom, bringing in … Read more

How To Build Your Lead Funnel: A Simple & Practical Guide

Without a lead funnel (more popularly known as the sales funnel), your business is a dud. There’s nothing you’d accomplish without one. If you choose to ignore funnels, you might as well ignore any expectations you might have about making any sales, growing your email subscribers, or bringing anything fancy like marketing automation to work … Read more